Sunburnt Bicyclist

A couple hours after Saturday’s ride I noticed something I haven’t seen in an awful long time – SUNBURN!degunya sunscreen

My first reaction was excitement.  It is actually warm and sunny enough that I was able to ride in shorts and short sleeve bike jersey!  Finally!  After bicycle commuting Indianapolis throughout the winter and spring wearing layer after layer of cycling clothing, it felt so nice to ride in shorts.

Nice as it was, my excitement was a little short lived.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited that the weather is (finally) nice.  But, although sunburn is a nice reminder of good weather, it’s also very harmful to your body.  This hit home when Kathy discovered she got a little sun on her leg where she missed spreading sunscreen.  Kathy has basal cell carcinoma (a form of skin cancer) and must have spots painfully removed every year or so.  For people like her, that means using sunscreen religiously – even stopping during a ride to put more on.  For people like me who don’t have BCC that means we  need to do whatever we can to prevent getting it.  I should have used sunscreen yesterday.  And you should too.

Kathy’s dermatologist recommends Bullfrog as the best sunscreen – it’s the longest lasting sunscreen available according to him.  Others are more readily available, you’ll just need to reapply more often.  I like the Dermitone .5 oz tin because it’s easy to carry on the bike.  It’s available in SPF 23 and 30.

Wikipedia has a nice entry on BCC.

by Mark D. – BGI Staff

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