Trek Travel Vacation

So last week my wife Wendy and I took our first vacation without the kids since they were born.  Bicycle Garage Indy has hosted several Trek Travel trips in the last few years, and we usually send 1-3 employees on each trip.  Trek Travel trips are pretty much the ultimate in guided luxury bike tours.  We’ve hosted trips to Tuscany, Provence, and California wine country.  This year we chose Coastal California, and it was my turn to come along!

This trip was particularly exciting for me due to a few personal connections.  I was actually born in San Francisco and moved away when I was a baby.  My dad’s family is still in the area, so I’ve had several chances to visit over the years.  Dad managed to indoctrinate me into allegiances to the 49ers and Giants (the latter of which is getting ready for a playoff run), so I feel some connection to the area, even if I wouldn’t necessarily claim to be “from” there; I’ve spent enough years in Indiana to know that it’s home.


After flying into San Francisco, we checked in to the Westin overlooking Union Square, grabbed some dim sum in Chinatown, sent the wives off to Macy’s for shoe shopping, watched an Indonesdian percussion band play Bohemian Rhapsody, had a mind-blowing dinner at Anzu (that’s the watermelon tian), spent the night at the hotel, woke up jetlagged at 5 AM, ate huevos rancheros at the Cafe Mason, accidentally started to wander into the Tenderloin before making a U-turn, took a bus up to Fisherman’s Wharf for the sunrise, and met back up at the hotel to meet our guide and actually start the trip.  Not bad so far!

We met the first of our guides, Stefan, and took a shuttle up Highway 1 toward the Sea Ranch Lodge (Sea Ranch is a fascinating little place, by the way; take a look at the Wikipedia entry).  The other guide, JV, met us there, and they set up our bikes.  Trek Travel hooks you up with a Madone 5.2 (next year it’ll be the Domane), plus all the snacks, water, and mechanical support you could want.  We took a short spin up the coastal highway to Gualala, then turned around and came back.  Dinner at the lodge restaurant was terrific, and I could tell we were in for a memorable week.

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