Dan Henry and other signs for bikers

One encounters lots of interesting things while riding the bike.  For example, I saw two deer at 106th and Hazel Dell on Sunday, but they weren’t the usual does or young bucks–these were big guys with eight-point antlers.  Neato!


Lots of these sights pass without comment.  Another blue heron!  A Ferrari!  A racing rival riding the other direction!  But every once in a while, there’s something worth stopping and recording for posterity.  This caught my eye because of its relation to my friend and BGI mechanic JB Musselman (whose name itself is also hilarious for obvious reasons).  So I stopped and snapped it for him.





Also of interest was the following gem that requires a little explanation.  Around these parts, the accepted method of informal bike route marking is known as a “Dan Henry:”




Luckily, this confusion only occurs at specific types of intersections.fbe7fcf5bf7048cbd248c1e23613a237



You also find the occasional attempt to introduce a higher level of artistry to the Dan Henry. The white symbol above is not uncommon, and it has the same role as a Dan Henry, except more specific:  if you have a bike with two disc wheels, and a transparent frame, then you want to go this way.  Also:  no helmets allowed.

220b3479bdcdad110880bafe43323e19_w640The yellow symbol is far less common, for obvious reasons:  most robots don’t bother with a bike route, since they have other means of propulsion.  Unfortunately, the artist left their message a little unclear.  Does this mean “robots go this way?”  “Danger:  Robots ahead?”  “This route only for cyclists with a robot sidekick?”  I lean toward that last explanation, since a cyclist with an invisible bike frame would probably also have access to robot technology. – See more at: http://blog.bgindy.com/blog/the-road-to-bgi/i-saw-the-sign#sthash.PVYZHv3u.dpuf



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