Mackinac Island Bikes

Mackinac Island is a no-cars zone. They have lots of bikes and lots of horses. If you’re a student looking for a fun summer job on Mackinac, I suggest applying early. Here’s the bike that the later applicants get to ride in the vacation wonderland.



Yep- that’s what you think it is. “Where thar be horses, thar be horse $@#%! (poo)”. I’m not sure to whom I should attribute that quote, but it’s true nevertheless. This is the bike (well, trike) used by the manure-picker-uppers.¬† I like the shopping bag saddle cover. Wouldn’t some rainfall do this bike some good?
This next pic is more idyllic:


You’re living in a cottage on Mackinac. You have flowers on your doorstep. And, you have a stylish Trek mountain bike customized for island living. Remember: apply early, kids.

In some parts of town, there are no open parking spaces at the bicycle rack.  Maybe some day Indianapolis will have such a nice problem.

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