It IS about the bike

I have worked for Bicycle Garage Indy for several years but that is not where this story starts. It really starts in the early sixties when I received 2 hand me down 20″ bikes which I made into one rideable bike. My parents could not keep track of me at that time due to my endless rambling. Here’s a picture with my older brother and sister and me & bike:
bob locke bicycle
I kept riding that bike into Jr High when they went halves on a new 10 speed Schwinn super sport. Unfortunately that bike was stolen my senior year. So after high school graduation in 76 I got with a group of friends that were doing camping rides. I got my first serious bike at that time. We would ride to state parks stopping along the way to play pool in every bar we could find. This made for some interesting rides. From that point on I have owned several wonderful bikes but none as special as that first one.
Bob Locke
Bicycle Garage Indy South Manager

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