A ride to remember!

Monday, October 11, 2010 by Customers, Friends and Fans of Bicycle Garage Indy

Well reality set in on me Saturday and it was as rude of a wake-up call as one can get. Being one of extreme confidence and much bravado, I set off on the Hilly Hundred Weekend with my 15 year old son having done no training in preparation. What a mistake! As I ventured into the ride it didn’t take long for me to realize that I’m not the same rider I was when I rode in this event for my first time some thirty-four years ago (’76). I have ridden a few flat-lander rides recently, but really hadn’t done anything with hills since I quit seriously riding decades ago. Well now I was getting a dose of what my ego (and memory) thought would be a comfortable cruise through the country side. And boy did it hurt! Fortunately, I had a heck of a fine young man with me who would wait when I slowed and encouraged me when I must have appeared spent. This was his first Hilly and although I could tell it wasn’t a day in the park for him either, he certainly proved his metal mile after mile. I have to say I was a proud Dad to watch his effort out there and couldn’t help but remember riding my first Hilly with a school buddy many years ago. Maybe many years from now, he’ll also look back on this weekend and think of the time he rode his first with his Dad. It was a tough effort personally, but was also a blast to enjoy the day with my oldest son. As we stood there next to the truck upon finishing, my legs burning and body aching … I couldn’t help but feel how lucky I was to have such a great partner to ride with. What a tremendous weekend!! (Don’t have any pictures … but thought someone may enjoy the story.)

Name: Mike Watson
Bicycle: ’95 Cannondale
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

Mike: Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing you and your son’s Hilly Hundred Weekend experience.

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