Hilly Hundred: What About Hand Position?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 by Linda Hardcastle
Riding smart is the best way to enjoy a challenging ride like the Hilly Hundred.As if you aren’t busy enough shifting from low gear to high gear and then back down into granny, you should also give consideration to your hand positions on this hilly route. Changing your hand position while you ride allows you to rest and use different muscle groups, impacts your breathing, and helps you control your bike. By riding smart, you can better enjoy the Hilly Hundred Weekend, no matter what your experience level is. Once you start, and the more you ride, you will makes these hand position changes without even thinking about it!

Below are some general rules to follow:

Flats: The lower your hands can go, the less the aerodynamic drag. So go down into your drops or aero bars when cruising the flats.

Uphills: Aerodynamic drag is not as significant when climbing, so use this opportunity to ride higher on the bars.

Uphill Sitting: You get the greatest power sitting fully upright. Keep the hands in a relaxed grip on top of the handlebar, 2-3 inches from the stem. This wide grip aids in opening the lungs.

Uphill Standing: Drape the hands over the hood/lever.

Downhills: It’s time to drop your hands low again, decreasing that aerodynamic drag. Be sure you can get to those brakes quickly!

For more tips and links, visit the Bicycle Garage Indy Hilly Hundred Resource Page.


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