Hilly Hundred: Getting There (With Your Bikes)

Friday, October 7, 2011 by Jay S. Hardcastle

Of course, to get to the Hilly Hundred Weekend, you drive down SR-37, find the Ellettsville exit, and then follow the signs to the school complex. But how does your bike, or the bikes of a carload of friends, get there intact, with a minimum amount of hassle, and no damage to your bike(s) – or the car? Here are some tips for problem-free transporting of bikes.

packedbikeObviously, if it is just you, and your car is not 2-seat sport car, you have a trunk and/or back seat to use; this is easy, especially if you remove both wheels from your bike. To start, you should have an old, heavy blanket, and a bungie cord. The blanket is going to protect your car upholstery, and you can use the bungie cord to keep the chain in place with the rear wheel off. Tip: Shift the chain to the big ring first, and that will keep the teeth from poking through the blanket. Don’t leave the wheels at home, and be careful not to smash things by sliding a car seat back.

Many of the same tips apply for using your trunk. Along with a heavy blanket, pick up a couple lengths of foam pipe insulation. Cut into 8 – 15″ lengths, you can then slip the pipe insulation over your bike or components anywhere it looks like metal-on-metal or metal-on-paint contact. Don’t slam the trunk lid until you have checked that every thing fits.

justhilly1No room in the car? Time to think car rack. You have 3 basic choices, strap-on trunk racks, hitch racks or roof racks. I will cover racks from Saris and Yakima at Bicycle Garage Indy in the next post.



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