A Seated Elliptical ????? Meet the Octane Fitness xRide

octane_wfemail_xr4_2_w640What if you combined the low impact cardio benefits of an elliptical with the seated comfort of a recumbent bike?  Octane Fitness (new at BGI Fitness for 2012) has done just that!  Welcome to the xRide Seated Elliptical Trainer (models xR4c and xR4ci) – the only seated ellipticals available today.  And BGI Fitness is proud to announce that we now carry this unique product in our showroom, where you can step-in and give it a test ride.

Let’s make one point clear – this is NOT a recumbent bicycle.  A recumbent bicycle moves your legs through a smaller, circular pattern.  The Octane Fitness xRide takes you through a longer, more elliptical power stroke.  This longer stroke recruits over 300% more gluteal muscle fibers than a traditional recumbent bicycle can do.  The xRide also offers the other advantages of a traditional elliptical: you can go forward and backward AND you can train your legs as well as your arms.

Why consider a seated elliptical over a traditional standing elliptical?  There are a variety of reasons.  You may find it challenging to stand for an entire workout due to back, hip or knee issues.  You may be unable to step up onto a traditional elliptical due to mobility issues.  The seated elliptical offers comfortable, step through convenience.  If you are a large individual, your torso may feel confined in a recumbent bicycle.  The xRide allows you to tilt the seat backward, effectively opening up your position to allow space for your torso.   And some people simply prefer to exercise in a seated position.

BGI Fitness now offers both the Octane seated elliptical xRides as well as the more traditional ellipticals from Precor and Vision Fitness.  Come in to see what we offer.

By Linda H. – BGI Staff

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