Your Bicycle: My Lifestyle Change by Victoria Williams

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 by Customers, Friends and Fans of Bicycle Garage Indy

We received this exceptional, inspirational story from a customer, and share it with her permission.

yb_vwilliams1_w640When I started my lifestyle change in 2008 I was definitely at the end of my rope.

Diagnosed with several medical issues, Doctors told me I was a great candidate for knee surgery and I suffered from chronic pain due to several other problems.

They had prescribed 14 different medications I took daily.
Something had to change and I knew it was my lifestyle.
Many people suggested gastric bypass. I chose going for a change in nutrition/exercise, since surgery was not an option for me.

yb_vwilliams2On a cold day in March, we entered a large tent and talked with some experts
about Giant bikes.

Biking didn’t just change my life. It truly SAVED my life!
From that day forward, I never looked back, determined to be healthy again,
off the medications, lose the weight and defy all the doctors who said I
could not/would not do it!

I fell instantly “in love” with biking.
Biking takes me to all those places of freedom I have not experienced since
I was a kid and the health benefits are astounding. The nature I have
witnessed has been incredible. Each moment I spend on my bike is a drink in
the fountain of youth.

Life can pass you by or you can LIVE IT!

I now have 30 pounds to my goal. We just purchased our second set of road
bikes from Bicycle Garage Indy and are looking forward to an incredibly active summer, full of bike races and adventure!

yb_vwilliams3As for the meds, I now only take 2 daily. My knees still have some pain, but no surgery needed in the future.

I ran in my first 8k trail run last weekend after hearing doctors tell me for years I would never run… I believed them for awhile.

When we are focused, positive and determined, it is amazing what we can

Looking forward to training for the RAIN Ride now. That is my next goal.

Happy trails….


Name: Victoria Williams
Bike: Giant Hybrid
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

Victoria: Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.

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