Your Bicycle: I Will Get Up by Carla Knapp

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 by Customers, Friends and Fans of Bicycle Garage Indy
Large, jagged chunks of asphalt, bits of gravel, glittering shards of metal and glass — all littering the side of the road, all coming uncontrollably closer as I fall.


*This will hurt.*


My frames — body and bike — pound the ground with all the violence and chaos of a load of bricks tumbling from a dump truck, like the one trailing me. Pain floods my body, first on my right hip and thigh where a rock gouges my muscle, then to my opposite side as the force of the fall reverberates and I bounce and skid. My left shoulder finds the road’s edge. The coarse grit of the ground tears my jacket and the skin of my elbow underneath. My helmet connects with the pavement as I finally grind to a halt. But just as I settle, a single thought rings clear as a bell through my mind.


*The truck is coming.*


Extending my legs, I shove away the bike that’s landed just in front of me, clearing space to roll over my tenderized shoulder and out of harm’s way.


*I’m safe, but oh, I hurt.*


Morning commuters flood from their cars to find me staring at a pothole that’s sparked my misadventure and groaning over the painful outcome. When EMTs arrive, they (and I) discover that, thanks to my bike safety gear and undoubtedly some divine intervention, I’ve sustained only minor injuries. But what of my bike?

My Giant Escape 2 XS. My road machine. My first big-girl bike. I bought it this spring both as a reward for having lost 50 pounds and also as a challenge to never rest in the journey to find my happiest, healthiest self. This bike is a symbol — it’s the path I’ve traveled from obesity in my 20s to the best shape of my life in my 30s, as well as the roadmap for my future. It’s the means to strive for new goals to complete a triathlon and to replace at least one drive to work each week with a ride to work. My bike has been my partner through 200-some miles, and it’s been my tool for finding strength, endurance and confidence. Even in this morning’s ride, I had been noting performance improvements right up to the moment my bike’s front tire pivoted at the bottom of that pothole and sent me careening out of control.


*What have I done?*


As EMTs tend to me, I watch a police officer upright my bike and kick out the stand. He examines the frame and points to a scratch along the crossbar.


“It looks fine.”


My bike sits, ready to ride away as if we had never hit this bump in the road. Unfortunately, I won’t be ready for several weeks. But I will get up, and when I do, my bike and I will ride together again, both bearing the scars of this day like tread marks on a well-traveled path. We will get back to — and even surpass — the places we were before, and we will get there just as we’ve gotten here, one pedal stroke at a time.


Name: Carla Knapp
Bicycle: Giant Escape 2 XS
City: Indianapolis
State: IN


Carla: We are glad both you and your bike are okay. We hope you have healed and on the road to your adventur again. Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.


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