Your Bicycle: Virginia Will Save My Life by Julia Sayer

Monday, September 23, 2013 by Customers, Friends and Fans of Bicycle Garage Indy

I am a 55 yr old woman. Try as I might, I cannot stop the aging process! I cannot get out on the road and walk, join 5K groups or do another mini marathon because of my destroyed feet. The roads and trails call to me to come out and enjoy. But 30 years of nursing has destroyed my feet. My doctor told me to consider bicycling. I know I need to add exercise to my life, so I decided to try the bike. I went to Bicycle Garage Indy and purchased my Electra Townie. I named her Virginia. That is my mother’s name. She passed away in 1995. Every time I need to push myself, like surgery recovery, I depend upon my mother’s support to get me moving. Now, Virginia is going to save my life!

I have been out on my bike, and getting stronger. I am now up to 4.5 miles per day on my new bike. She has helped my balance and health. She has made me feel like a new kid again. When I am on Virginia, my thoughts go back to when I was a young girl enjoying riding my bike in Brown County, IN growing up. This experience has be so great for me! We are never too OLD to start again! I need to get active and healthy in order to be alive for my future grandchildren. Bicycling is my Key!

Name: Julia Sayer
Bicycle: 2013 Townie Orginal 7D 24 inch
City: Mooresville
State: IN

Julia: We are all glad you found bicycling, and that “Virginia” is having such an impact on your life. Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.

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