Two useful resources for the Hilly Hundred or any fall ride

Friday, October 18, 2013 by Jay S. Hardcastle

I am packing this morning and staying optimistic (60% chance of NOT raining on Saturday) for this years Hilly Hundred. Since my first Hilly in 1981, and in the 18 trips back since, I have encountered just about every kind of weather Indiana can send your way in October. Based on that experience, and working with Bicycle Garage Indy staff and vendors, here are a cold weather clothing guide and road trip check list you mind helpful.

familyfinish2005The changing fall weather around Hilly Hundred Weekend is a challenge for both novice and experienced cyclists. To help, we have the BGI Coldweather Gear Guide (PDF), (from the Bicycle Garage Indy Clinics curriculum). The weather you pack for Thursday night at home, may well be different by the time you ride Saturday, and have changed again for Sunday!

You will find it best to be flexible and dress in removable layers, so that you are comfortable for a cool morning start, and when finishing the last hills on a warm and (we hope) sunny afternoon. Wind Jackets & Vests, arm and leg warmers are all popular options for fall (and spring) riding. And if it is cooler, you may still want good breathable clothing with features like vents and zippers, that can be opened while climbing and zipped for the down hill. (Yes, half of Hilly Hundred is down hill!)

Once you have picked your wardrobe, make sure you leave home with everything else for riding. The BGI Bicycle Road Trip Check List (pdf), covers day trips and longer. I can tell you almost everything on this list has been forgotten once!

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