2013 Hilly Hundred: A Great Tradition by Jennifer G.

hilly hunded pictures collageWe, my father and I, began riding the Hilly Hundred Weekend together in 1990 with some family friends. I was in college then and I began cycling by riding on the Little 500 team. We have ridden almost every year since. My dad lives in IL and I now live in TN, but I’ve traveled from PA, NY, MI, and TN to continue this special tradition.

Although the route has changed, the memories made each year are unforgettable. We’ve ridden in the coldest, windiest weather to pleasantly warm and sunny weather. It was so cold one year that I put my mittens on my feet during the rest stop to warm my toes. Another fond memory is of the unofficial ‘twinkie’ rest stop. Whether you ate them or not, you had to stop!

We’ve camped all but the last couple of years, and the evening story time following the slide show with our friends will always be cherished. What a great ride! What a great tradition! What fabulous memories! Thanks for it all, dad!

Name: Jennifer G.
Bicycle: Litespeed Natchez
City: Franklin
State: TN

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