Shimano Click’r Series: “Casual” Clip-less Pedals and Shoes

clickrt400pedalThursday, May 15, 2014 by Jay S. Hardcastle

If you are looking for your first step-in or clip-less pedal system, the pedal and shoe choices can be intimidating.  Shimano, who makes a wide variety of shoes for all levels of riders, has introduced their Click’r series of pedal and shoes, specifically for the novice or casual cyclist who lis ooking to move up to the efficiency of a clip-less pedal system.

Shimano’s Click’r pedals are built around Shimano’s original SPD pedal design, a standard in use for over 25 years.  Bicycle Garage Indy offers the Click’r T-400 ($69.99).  It features a double sided, wide plastic resin cage, that provides stable support for the rider’s foot, while enclosing a double-sided SPD mechanism. The pedal mechanism (the “click-in” part of the pedal) has been modified to need 60% less effort to clip-in or clip-out.  These features all combine to make a great pedal alternative for the first time clip-less rider, or for riders who may be making frequent stops while commuting to work or on errands.

Bicycle Garage Indy has in stock two models of Click’r series shoes, the MT-44 ($119.99) and CT40 ($89.99). The MT-44 is referred to as a trekking shoe, and ideal for recreational trail riding, bicycle touring and commuting.  It features a nylon upper, single pull speed laces and lugged sole for off-bike traction.  The CT-40 uses traditional laces, and is more at home on paved trails and in the gym as a spin class shoe.

Both shoes are designed for walking and riding comfort, with a firm, yet very walkable sole.  When combined with a Click’r pedal, they have a light step-in, step-out action for riding with confidence.  The shoes and pedals combine to give you stable efficient pedaling and bike control, allowing you to ride faster and farther, with less fatigue.

clickrhalfcleatThe shoes are compatible with traditional, recessed SPD cleats, and the Click’r pedal.  Another feature of both shoes is the “half-cleat” that comes installed on the sole of the shoes.  The half cleat lines up your foot in the SPD mechanism, but does not have the metal edges that lock your foot into the pedal.  This allows you to practice stepping into the pedal mechanism for your first few rides.  (We also have some advice on learning to use clip-in pedals.)

For full clip-in functionality, you will need to install the metal SPD cleat included with most pedals.  Our staff can install them when you purchase your shoes, or you may want to consider having them installed as part of your Bicycle Garage Indy’s professional bicycle fitting services.

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