The New CrossFit Craze: Rowers!

Monday, December 1, 2014 by Linda Hardcastle

The CrossFit Craze has embraced a piece of aerobic equipment that, up till now, has sat unused in the corner of most fitness facilities. CrossFit enthusiasts love this piece because it works almost every major muscle group in your body: quads, hams, glutes PLUS abs, low back, shoulders and arms. All these groups are strengthened while you train aerobically. What is this amazingly efficient machine? The rowing machine!

Equally important is that rowing provides a joint-friendly exercise. Rowing moves your joints through a full range of motion with minimal impact and no body weight on the joints. To better understand the progressive recruitment of muscle groups with the rowing stroke, watch the muscles, shown in red, activate in this animation of a rowing stroke.


One other reason CrossFit facilities love the rower is its affordability. For around $900, you can get a commercial-quality piece of aerobic/strengthening equipment. No other fitness unit out there comes close to matching this.

As you begin shopping for a water rower, try to answer the following questions:
1. What is the noise level?
2. How big is the footprint (how much floor space does it require)?
3. How is it designed? Is it aesthetically pleasing?
4. Is it made in our country?
5. Is the company “green”?

BGI Fitness liked the answers to these questions when posed to the WaterRower brand of rowers. See what you think.

1. Noise Level. Smooth and quiet. Water Rower has chosen to make its rowers with wood due to woods marvelous engineering properties, primary amongst those is its ability to absorb sound and vibration.
2. Footprint. The footprint is simply the space of a chair. This is because WaterRowers can be easily moved into a stable, upright storage position following your workout.
3. Design. The WaterRower has been designed with an attention to detail unrivalled by other fitness equipment. Long revered for its styling, it has been applauded and awarded by the design industry for its design purity. All of their wooden models are handcrafted from a selection of the world’s finest hardwoods. Each model is then hand-finished using Danish oil, giving it a deep and penetrating luster. A perfect addition to your living room.
4. Made in USA? All WaterRower models are handcrafted in the United States in their production facility located in Warren, Rhode Island.
5. “Green” Company? Verified Sustainable Hardwood, used in the manufacturing of WaterRower’s wooden models, is sourced from replenishable forests located in the Appalachian Mountain region of the eastern United States.


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