Novice and Rode the Hilly Hundred


I’ve been a social rider for a few years (by social, I mean riding maybe once a month during the summer), owning nothing more than my $250 mountain bike (purchased from a chain retail store about 5 years ago). In August of 2014, I decided to participate in the Tuxedo Brother’s Go Girl Triathlon at Eagle Creek Park. I did it with my mountain bike, and I was as slow as slow could be, yet I was hooked!

In September I decided to participate in the Mighty Mississinewa Triathlon in Peru, Indiana. The day before the Tri, I bought a brand new Trek Domane from Bicycle Garage Indy. The ride was so much smoother and faster than that old mountain bike.

Two weeks before this year’s Hilly Hundred Weekend, a friend asked me to ride it with her. Having ridden no more than 20 miles at one time – EVER – I turned her down. A week later, she asked again. This time I said, “Yes.” I figured, what’s the worst that could happen? Answer: DNF, right?!?! And what’s the most that can happen? I finish and have the time of my life. Well, guess what? I did the Hilly Hundred and had the time of my life. Having ridden no more than 20 miles in one day before, this was a true challenge, but one I am so thankful for experiencing and so thankful to my friend for asking a second time. Crossing that finish line on Sunday afternoon is something I will always remember.

It was a truly awesome weekend, and we are already making plans for next year’s Hilly!

Name: Beth P.
Bicycle: Trek Domane
City: Westfield
State: Indiana

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